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2.18.05 - It's Official, Car Test 2 is finally coming out soon and now you can view the trailer, click link above.
11.05.04 - Finally after 2 months and 26 days "The Untitled Randomness II" is finished, click the link above.
10.01.04 - Throughout the month of October and November, every Friday until the release of TUR2 there will be a 1024x786 wallpaper of a scene from the movie in POSTERS & PROMOS page, under the MEDIA section.
9/24/04 - Since TUR2 is not being released until November due to Computer problems, you can now view the Official TUR2 Trailer featuring numerous clips from the movie, click the link above ^.

8/11/04 - Work has finally started on "The Untitled Randomness II", click the coming soon banner to the right and watch the teaser trailer!

7/12/04 - Added over 10 pieces of Artwork in the media secion.

6/22/04 - Finished additional work on Car Test, etc... also new Commentary by Toast for Car Test [check out Media Section].

6/20/04 - Created Some Animated Banners and Icons for the Site, Re-Doing work on Car Test, Untitled Randomness and Splatter Film II.

6/5/04 - Completely Updated The Media Section, all videos are up for download and to watch, ALL news is posted in the Web Blog.

5/22/04 - New "The Origin Player" released from TF, featuring downloads, songs, lyrics, still under construction, not complete.

5/13/04 - New Forum now available at the ToastedFilms Site, The Origin Trailer released! [see Downloads Section]

5/07/04 - 12 new pics of "Untitled Randomness" and 10 pics of "Car Test" have been added to the Screen Caps Section.

5/01/04 - 3 Weeks til The Origin is set for Premier, hopefully it'll be done by then.

4/28/04 - Added a bunch of Promo Pics of "The Origin", and whatever else.

4/22/04 - Started Animating "The Origin" coming soon, May 21, 04.

4/10/04 - Added basically everything you see now in the past 6 days, still haven't released the site yet.

4/4/04 - Started working on site, should be up soon.

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