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Release Dates

Works By ToastedFilms
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Dead Corpse: The Movie
Starring: Jimmy Yost, James Ferraro, Keith Maltby, and Megan Yost
Released: June 2002
Synopsis: After being murdered he later wakes up as a zombie and after a chain of killings, the zombie dies.
Use The Force: Attack of Darth Brooks
Starring: Thomas Adam and Jimmy Yost
Released: June 2002
Synopsis: Obi-Wan [Yost] is sent to a station to kill his rival Darth Brooks [Adam] and in an epic duel he kills him and escapes before the station blows up.
Dead Corpse II: House of Darkness
Starring: James Ferraro and Jimmy Yost
Released: October 2002, cancelled
Synopsis: The zombie returns to his normal state and seeks refuge in an empty house to find out it houses a couple of zombies, after he escapes he wishes he'd stayed in the house. later cancelled due to camera failure.
A Splatter Film
Animated by: Jimmy Yost
Released: December 2003
Synopsis: Short Film featuring 6+ grizzly deaths [smashed, hit by car, sliced, impaled, etc]
Car Test
Animated by: Jimmy Yost
Released: February 2004
Synopsis: Car Chase through the city, begins with 8 cars and ends with 2, other 6 are eliminated by crashes, accidents, smashed, explode, or flipped. Then last 2 cars hit ramps and go flying through the air then drive off.
The Untitled Randomness
In Association with Tight as Hell Productions
Animated by: Thomas Adam and Jimmy Yost
Released: March 2004
Synopsis: Enter the brain of Toast to see what this crazy movie is all about, basically 40+ 5 seconds scenes of... random things [ie. A growling anime character, car driving up to a blown over tree, kid sledding down a hill only to lose his sled, being confused by a Family Video sign]
A Splatter Film II
Animated By: Jimmy Yost
Released: March 2004
Synopsis: A couple 10 second clips of Jimmy being killed [decapitation, head smashed, sliced]
The Problem
Animated by: Jimmy Yost
Released: April 2004
Synopsis: The Movie that single-handedly changed "ToastFilms" to "ToastedFilms", talking about how its been taken and how things will change.
The Untitled Randomness [directors' cut]
In Association with Tight As Hell Productions and
sound editing by Asbestos Blanket Society
Animated by: Thomas Adam and Jimmy Yost
Released: May 21, 2004 on the tape "ToastedFilms: The Flash Files"
Synopsis: A more clean and censored version of the crazed March release of "The Untitled Randomness".
Jimmy's Ankle
Produced by Tight As Hell Productions
Animated by: Thomas "Tommy T" Adam
Voiced by: Dan "DJ" Jankura
Released: October 30, 2004
Synopsis: Video roughly based on how Jimmy broke his ankle, actually it's not even close to what really happened.
The Untitled Randomness II
In Association with Tight As Hell Productions
Animated by: Jimmy Yost and Thomas Adam
Released: November 30, 2004 [no longer exists]
Synopsis: Sequel to the most random flash video made by the two creators, better graphics, more random, more hidden features.
Fallen Angels
In Association with Asbestos Blanket Society Studios
Directed by: Keith Q. Maltby
Starring: John Pacetti, Dan Jankura, Keith Maltby, Travis Nelson, Matt Miller, James Ferraro, and Jimmy Yost
Edited by: Jimmy Yost
Released: April 7, 2005
Synopsis: A story about a group of soldiers in Vietnam, fighting against Congs and escaping alive.



[Summer 2005]
In Association with False Atrocity Studios
Directed by: Jimmy Yost
Staring: Keith Maltby, David Tavolier, Jimmy Yost, Rick Shafer, Dave Sampson, Jake Nelson, and James Ferraro
Synopsis: A group of guys who start a club and take it too far and when the leader [Tavolier]is mysteriously murdered, his brother [Yost] has to pick up the pieces of his death through delusions, paranoia, and hallucinations.


[Summer 2005]
Animated by: Jimmy Yost
Synopsis: Just after the race in 2004's "Car Test", the two remaining cars drive to the next city to find a new group of cars try and take them down as they race through on-coming traffic and on freeways. Featuring 3 times as many car crashes, stunningly better graphics making it more realistic.


[Summer 2004]
In Association with Tight as Hell Productions
Starring: Thomas Adam, Jimmy Yost, James Ferraro, and Keith Maltby
Synopsis: Remake of the 2002 release of Dead Corpse. After Mike's [Yost] friend Rob [Adam] gets infected by a virus and passes it to Mike and becomes a zombie he goes to his house and infects his brother Dave [Ferraro] only to pass it on to Brad [Maltby] and kills him. Only after Mike returns to
normal state he realizes it only just began.

Copyright 2005 ToastedFilms, Jimmy Yost