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Created by Jimmy Yost
What Is It: TF creates multi media products such as; Movies, comics, online artwork, flash animation, and music videos. Dealing heavily with movies and film.
Began in: August 2002 under the name "ToastFilms" but changed to "ToastedFilms" in March 2004 due to copyright issues.
Major Works: 2002's "Dead Corpse: the Movie" and "Attack of Darth Brooks", 2003's "A Splatter Film" [never released], 2004's "The Untitled Randomness" and "The Origin" [never released], and 2005's "Fallen Angels" and "The Brooming Society" [in production].

Dog N A Shoe Company
Created by Jimmy Yost
What Is It: DNAS basically just produces all the little, minor skits that appeared in "Jackass Home Videos" [02-03]
Began in: Around the same time TF did. Ended when the old camera decided to die.

Tight As Hell Productions
Created by Thomas Adam
What Is It: Thomas' own movie production company along side ToastedFilms.
Began in: February 2004 during the production of "The Untitled Randomness".
Major Works: 2004's "My Brother's Hair", "The Untitled Randomness", and "The Untitled Randomness II" [never released].

Krazy Komik Kollektion Productions
Created by Jimmy Yost
What Is It: Jimmy's [ironically enough] crazy comic collection, consisting of over 40 comics by Toast, DolbyD, Joe, and Brady.
Began in: April 2004
Major Works: Any comic drawn by Toast and 2004's "The Origin" [never released].

Asbestos Blanket Society
Created by Dan "D.J." Jankura
What Is It: A Sound Designing and Editing company which also functions as a recording studio.
Began in: May 2004 during the production of "The Origin"
Major Works: 2004's "The Origin" [never released] and "Stage Crew: Documentary" [never released], and 2005's "Fallen Angels" and "The Brooming Society" [in production].

False Atrocity Studios
Created by Travis "I'm Sweet" Nelson
What Is It: A Digital/Film Editing company and production company.
Began On: April 11, 2005 after the production of "Fallen Angels"
Major Works: 2005's "Fallen Angels" [before the company started] and "The Brooming Society" [in production].

Copyright 2005 ToastedFilms, Jimmy Yost