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The Untitled Randomness

It all started while I was still working on Car Test. The First scene ever made was never intended to be put into a movie and released but the first scene was "High" made on Jan 16. The movie didn't really start until a week later when Thomas came over one day and out of boredom painted an Anime Character and made him growl "Goku". Until next morning we created almost 10 completed scenes and more unfinished ones, the movie had finally begun.

Origins of the Scenes
Here, all the scenes will be listed and what inspired the animators to make them:
Goku: Thomas just came over one day and randomly drew this anime character.
Camera Knock Over: When filming for another movie Jimmy was in front of the camera and knocked it over by falling into it.
Fonz: Thomas thought it'd be funny if he drew The Fonz and be like "HHHEEEYYYYYYYYY" and then he said it'd be random if his clothes disappeared... what do you think.

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